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"Transitions" produced by Sound Around, The Öresund Biennale of Contemporary Music

NEW DIMENSIONS Under the title of New Dimensions SOUND AROUND offered concerts and productions that cut across traditional genres. In collaboration with the School of Architecture on Holmen concerts were presented, in which sound, light and space were explored with the Danish Radio Sinfonietta/DR.
The concert with the Danish Radio Sinfonietta presented a pioneer work: Edgard Varèse's Desérts with a video by the acclaimed American artist Bill Viola. This was followed up by the premiere of the Swede Kent Olofsson's concerto for accordion, electronics and choreographed orchestra. This took place in the School of Architecture's Banquet Hall.

Danish Radio Sinfonietta/DR
Conductor: Christian Eggen
Soloist: James Crabb (accordion)

Edgard Varèse: Déserts with video by Bill Viola

Intermezzo: Transformation by Hans Hansen and 7 students from the School of Archicture

Kent Olofsson: Chladni’s Bow
- Physisonochromie III for accordion, orchestra and electronics (2006-07)(Premiere)

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