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Nordic Music Days 2010. 8-11. Sep.

Nordic Music Days has been arranged since 1888, and it is one of the oldest and best-respected festivals for contemporary classical music in the world.
Nordic Music Days is unique in the respect that the composers themselves arrange it and it tours between the five Nordic countries. The national societies of composers organize the festival in turn on behalf of the Council of Nordic Composers.

Nordic Music Days 2010 is organized by The Danish Composers’ Society.
Venues at Den Graa Hall, Københavns Musikteater and Borups Højskole

Link:Nordic Music Days 2010
Artistic director: Peter Bruun
Coordinator: Sine Tofte Hannibal
Set design: Palle Steen Christensen & Nikolaj Spangaa
Light design: Mikkel Jensen & Sonja Lea

Photos from Den Graa Hal: Hanne Budtz-Jørgensen

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