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"In Real Life, Too" is all about the moment, here and now, between an audience and the actors.

In this new danish play "In Real Life, Too" the actors is improvising the action of the scenes.
This makes all the scenes unpredictable, kind of playing a computer game.

For the right scenic flow feeling in this kind of "free-style" theatre,
the actors has the ability to change both light and sound to fit their instant needs.

As a youth play, sex, porn, true love, and the road to happines, are all themes the actors can bring up on their way.

"In Real Life, Too" is a follow up on the "Reumert" nominated "IRL- In Real Life" from 2007. "IRL2" is a tour production.

Producer: ZeBU, Zenekunst for børn og unge
Director: Jørgen Carlslund
Dramatist: Troels Chr. Jakobsen
Sound Design: Ditlev Brinth
Music Composer: Sune Skuldbøl Vraa
Technician: Ida Jacobsen
Actors: Lotte Bergstrøm, Maja Juhlin, Jan O. Mogensen, Christian Hetland and Sigurd Holmen Le Dous

Visualizing: Sonja Lea

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