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"Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk"

"Kunsthøjskolen" is an art school (folk high school) offering both long and short courses in various artistic disciplines.
In 2005 the school decided to make lighting an overall theme for one of their short summer courses.

I worked with four groups of participants; two painting groups, a graphics group, and an art installation group.
My job was to teach the participants within all aspects of lighting and inspire them to consider how their specific artistic discipline is affected by lights.

Each group was given an introduction to lighting and a task or a project.
By the end of the two weeks each group had a final exhibition of their work.
Some had been greatly inspired by the lectures in lighting.

Assistant: artist Louise Sparre
Photos: Sonja Lea

The graphic group; work in progress. These participants focused on transparency, translucidity and visual perception.





Painting group 1: work in progress, exploring what kind of coloured light vs. white light, paint absorbs and what it reflects.
The participants where given a lecture in the primary colours of light vs. the primary colours of paint.

How to manipulate, form and sculpture non-coloured objects with non-coloured and coloured lights...

...and how to manipulate, form and sculpture coloured objects with non-coloured and coloured lights...


The art installation group; visual perception experiment, live outdoor performance act.
This group was given lectures in light angles, naturalistic vs. dramatic lighting, tungsten vs. daylight and the effects of using diffusion filters.

Painting group 2; And a big homemade camera obscura, exploring nature,,,
If you ever consider to built this yourself, here's an advice; DON'T PAINT IT BLACK ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

PARTYTIME !! We have finished two fun weeks of intense experimental work with art and light.

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