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"Alverden God Nat"

Opera produced by Figura Ensemble.
The story is about Jens Munk (1579-1628), a danish/norwegian naval officer who faces great challenges in the nothern sea in 1619.
His expedition, ordered by kong Christian IV in 1619, stranded as his ship got stuck in the ice, only three members of his crew survived this.

Venue: Takkelloftet at The Royal Danish Opera.
Co directors: Rolf Heim & Per Linderoth.
Librettist: Ursula Andkjśr Olsen.
Composer: Peter Brun.
Set design & costumes: Filippa Berglund.
Video: Obscura & Anders Elberling.
Sound design: Jonas Jensen.

Conductor: Casper Schreiber.
Actor: Meike Bahnsen.
Musicians: Anna Klett (clarinet), Jesper Egelund (bas), Frans Hansen (percussion).
Singers: Helene Gjerris (mezzosopran), Andreas Landin (baritone) & and the choir MPIRI from the Faroe Islands.

Photo: Ditte Valente.

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