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"Flowers, Feathers, Fishes & Snow"

"Anders Carlsson from Institutet, directed in close collaboration with the choreographer and set designer Andriana Seecker, mixing a theatrical approach with modern dance and performance art and aiming at another form of presence on stage.
The performance texts have been made in collaboration with the performers.

Flowers, Feathers, Fishes & Snow mixes equal amounts of poetry, myth and civilisation critique in an investigation of the human condition in four tableau vivants – where being in the moment, assuming a position of purposelessness and simplicity in life plays a crucial part."

I had great fun with a smoke machine :-)

Producer: Teater Får302 (DK) and Institutet (SE).
Direction & choreography: Anders Carlsson & Andriana Seecker.
Fashion design: Nicholas Nybro.
Accessory design: Søren Bach.
Composer and live musician: Andreas Catjar.
Performers: Pauli Ryberg, Charlotte E. Munksgaard & Birgitte Prins.

Photo: Thomas Cato/ Sonja Lea.

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