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"Den politiske kandestøber"

Holberg's first comedy, written in 1722.
Adapted to 2016 by director Jens Svane Boutrup.
The theatre decided to reconstruct a decoration set from the baroque period,
also the lighting was intended to create a barocque atmosphere.
The venue, Rønne Theater, was build in 1823 and is one of the oldest venues still operative.

Producer: Bornholms Teater.
Director: Jens Svane Boutrup.
Set design and costumes: Julie Forchhammer.
Composer and musician: Lars Fjeldmose.

Actors: Peder Holm Johansen, Tine Gotthelf, Jesper Riefensthal, Ernesto Piga Carbone and Bjarne Antonisen.

Photo: Sonja Lea.

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