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"Panama er alletiders"/ "The trip to Panama"

A new danish play based on the children's book written by the german author and illustrator Janosh in 1978.
Tiger and Bear experience many adventures on their quest for the land of their dreams, Panama.
A kids play from 2-5 years old and their parents.

Producer: Det lille Teater.
Concept: Liv Helm og Rolf Søborg Hansen.
Text Dramaticed by: Alexandra Moltke Johansen.
Director: Rikke Wölck.
Dramaturg: Trine Wisbech.
Set design, animated dolls and costumes: Rolf Søborg Hansen.
Composer: Matilde Böcher.
Cool technical staff: Brian Kousgaard Kristensen & Steen Molls.
Kostumier: Pille Behrendt.
Set designer assistant: Geneviève Tremblay.

Actors: Marie Mondrup, Karin Bang-Heinemeier & Bo Carlsson.

Photo: Sonja Lea.

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